2024-07-14: Lecture at the Saxon Raw Materials Day

Property and bureaucracy – philosophical thoughts on the foundations and limits of our society

At this year’s Saxon Raw Materials Day, I will be giving a keynote speech on the issues of property and bureaucracy. Property rights form the basis of civil society, and bureaucracy is (at least in moderation) the its stabilizing structure.

Click here for the program (in German).

2024-06-21: Panel discussion at AIOsphere 2024:

Artifical “intelligence”

At AIOsphere, I will be discussing the question “How Generative AI is Revolutionizing Supply Chain” with Andrea Wildies (CEO, Carton Group), Volker Strasser (Industry Advisor Logistics, Microsoft) and Knut Alicke (Partner, McKinsey). I am particularly interested in how the new technology is changing people’s relationship to their work, but above all to each other.

Click here for the program.

New article in the WirtschaftsWoche, 15-03-2024

In my article, I explore the question of why we have been struggling with bureaucracy for centuries, yet cannot do without it in a free and pluralistic society.

Click here for the article on the pages of WirtschaftsWoche.

Talk at Hayek-Club Frankfurt, 20-11-2023

On November 20th, I have given a lecture on “Property as a civil right” at the Frankfurt Hayek Club.

You’ll find it on YouTube.

The text can be found on my website.

Essay competition

WirtschaftsWoche and the Centre for Liberal Modernity have awarded me the “Liberal Democracy” essay prize. I am very grateful for this.

The text of the essay can be found here.